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5 Summertime Benefits of Having a Sunroom August 27, 2018

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5 Summertime Benefits of Having a Sunroom, Blairsville, Georgia

Sunrooms add significant value and usefulness to your property. Although they’re wonderful for year-round relaxation, these home additions are particularly appealing during summer. The outdoor living experts at Backyard Enclosures in Blairsville, GA, are here to explain why you may want to add one to your home.

5 Advantages of Having a Sunroom in the Summer

Blairsville, GA sunroom1. Avoid Pests

Pests tend to come out in droves when it’s warm outside. Sunrooms allow you the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without worry. It’s especially helpful if you have a mosquito problem in the backyard. Windows or retractable openings also make it easy to get some fresh air when you need it.

2. Enjoy Brilliant Sunshine

Consider your sunroom a way to enjoy outdoor living without actually being outside. The room is flooded with natural light from all angles, making it a bright and beautiful space to spend time during summer. You can also install shades if you want greater control over the amount of light the room receives.

3. Avoid the Elements

The beauty of a sunroom is that you can enjoy a clear view of nature without facing the heat and humidity. Whether it’s a typical Georgia thunderstorm in the middle of the day or a windy evening, you and your family will remain safe, dry, and comfortable.

4. Work Out Comfortably

If you love to exercise but don’t want to when it’s humid outside, you can take advantage of the open space inside your sunroom. It mimics the outdoors, but shields you from the issues that commonly affect people when they’re working out in the summer, like sunburn, heatstroke, and exhaustion.

5. Energy-Efficient Space

Homebuyers view sunrooms favorably not only because they’re valuable additions, but also because they’re energy-efficient thanks to low-E glass and insulation. These materials minimize heat loss and ensure that the room stays cool even when temperatures reach record highs.

If you love the summer but can’t tolerate the heat, bugs, and unpredictable weather, you might want to consider adding a sunroom to your home. The team at Backyard Enclosures is excited to bring your vision to life. They can even guide you in the right direction if your home might benefit from a screened-in porch or a solarium. Find out more by visiting their website, or call them at (706) 379-4127.

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