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How to Connect to a Loved One Needing Alzheimer's Care August 24, 2018

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How to Connect to a Loved One Needing Alzheimer's Care, Wayne, New Jersey

If your parent or other elderly loved one requires Alzheimer’s care, finding ways to connect is not always easy. While the family member may have wonderful moments of clarity, there can be just as many instances of forgetfulness and confusion. What’s important is that your aging parent understands that you are there to help him or her feel loved and safe.

Top 5 Tips for Connecting With a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s

1. Stay Positive & Limit Distractions

Maintain a positive attitude to soothe and comfort your loved one. Speak gently and remove any distractions — such as the television or radio — to help your family member focus. If the individual is seated, pull up a chair or crouch down so you are at eye level. Standing over the family member might make the person feel uncomfortable or scared.

2. Listen to Music

alzheimer's careListen to your favorite tunes together, something the Alzheimer's Association strongly recommends. Music has an amazing ability to trigger memories in addition to making people want to dance and clap in happiness. Always stick to music your family member knows and loves for the best results.

3. Play Games

Adjust the rules as necessary so the person has fun throughout the game and does not get confused or agitated. If your loved one does not want to play anymore, put on a favored television program, and watch it together.

4. Ask Simple Questions

Ask questions your loved one can answer easily, such as holding up two types of cereal and asking which one the family member wants to eat. Open-ended questions such as “What do you want to eat for lunch?” tend to cause confusion and agitation. Remember to stay patient and be aware of your loved one’s body language when you ask questions.

5. Experiment With Artistic Activities

Try different artistic activities your loved one likes as part of your Alzheimer’s care regimen. Painting, journaling, making wreaths and other crafts, and planting gardens together are some of the many activities that encourage healthy cognitive function and motor skills.


Competent, trained caretakers are vital parts of Alzheimer’s care, as they help families devise care schedules that keep loved ones safe, happy, and healthy. Visiting Angels in Wayne, NJ, provides a compassionate and skilled team specializing in Alzheimer’s care to serve families throughout Passaic County and the Ridgewood area. Call (973) 839-3761 or visit the website today to learn more about elderly care services. Like the Facebook page for the latest in senior care tips.

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