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Why Have a Mechanic Perform Vehicle Diagnostics? August 17, 2018

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Why Have a Mechanic Perform Vehicle Diagnostics?, Newark, Ohio

From a broken oxygen sensor to a loose gas cap, there could be many reasons the “check engine” light is illuminated on your car dashboard. In the past, mechanics would have to inspect all components to find the source of the problem. With advancements in technology, vehicle diagnostics testing can be performed to know what auto repairs need to be performed as soon as you get to the shop. Below are additional reasons why performing vehicle diagnostics saves time and money in the long-run.

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Diagnostics Testing?

Pinpoint Problems Quickly

In modern cars, sensors and computer processing systems control and monitor air pressure, oxygen levels, engine temperature, throttle position, and other aspects of operation. During vehicle diagnostics testing, a car’s onboard computer is connected to scanning equipment. If there are any problems with the vehicle sensors, the scanner will display alert codes. Mechanics will know what issues need to be addressed immediately, which means you’ll get your car back faster. 

Prevent Major Malfunctions 

Newark-Ohio-vehicle-diagnosticsPerforming vehicle diagnostics will provide a comprehensive overview of all of your car’s operating systems. Mechanics examine the data to know what adjustments, beyond the scheduled repairs and tune-ups, need to be made to improve vehicle safety, handling, and performance.

Extend Vehicle Life Span 

Apart from alerting auto specialists of problems, vehicle diagnostic scanners also display manufacturer notifications. This way, you’ll know what equipment upgrades and services are recommended to maintain the quality of your car and make it last longer. The car’s history can also be displayed, so technicians know what repairs and maintenance procedures have been performed in the past. 


If your “check engine” light is on or you experience any other problems with car performance, Brown's Transmission Services & Full Service Auto Repairs in Newark, OH, will perform vehicle diagnostics to locate problems and provide the necessary solutions to get you back in the driver’s seat in no time. They also offer advice to extend the life of your investment. To schedule auto maintenance or repairs in Licking County, call (740) 522-4459. Visit the technicians online for a closer look at how they’ll care for your car, and stay connected on Facebook for tips to keep you safe on the road. 

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