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The Many Benefits of Forestry Mulching September 3, 2018

Clarksville, Red River
The Many Benefits of Forestry Mulching, Clarksville, Texas

Forestry mulching may sound similar to garden or landscaping mulching, but it is an entirely different process. It involves the use of a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. There are a number of advantages to this land clearing service when provided by professional contractors.

3 Major Benefits of Forestry Mulching

1. Simplify the Process

One of the very first steps in construction includes land and tree clearing. This can be a multi-step process involving preparation, cutting, hauling, and cleanup. In some cases, this all requires separate machinery. Forestry mulching, on the other hand, simplifies the entire process by employing a single machine for every step, reducing rental costs and time.

2. Protect the Earth

forestry mulchingTraditional lot clearing methods can cause major damage to the soil, uprooting trees and bushes and increasing the risk of erosion. If your land experiences erosion, the soil can quickly turn infertile and affect your ability to plant crops or shrubbery in the future. Additionally, the foundation will be less stable for buildings should you choose to construct them. With forestry mulching, however, the earth is left undisturbed as the trees and roots are processed where they stand. 

3. Habitat Conservation

Lot clearing is often used in commercial and residential construction. However, in some cases, forestry mulching is used to maintain natural habitats. Private land owners or even government properties may use this technique to ensure the life and health of elk, deer, pheasants, and vegetation. For example, this process can remove underbrush, such as buckthorn, which is dangerous to other plants. Likewise, it may also help restore natural water sources.


Forestry mulching is advantageous to both your property and the overall ecosystem. No matter your reason for clearing your land, contact Red River Land Clearing when you're ready to hire a contractor. Located in Clarksville, TX, this local company is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction. Their highly trained team can handle large jobs such as lot clearing or minor jobs such as stump removal. Get a quote now online or by calling (580) 364-2313.