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What Are the Risks of Dropping Full Coverage Car Insurance? August 13, 2018

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What Are the Risks of Dropping Full Coverage Car Insurance?, High Point, North Carolina

When it’s time for drivers to select or renew their car insurance policies, it may be tempting to choose a cheaper alternative. This is especially true for full coverage plans, as these are usually more expensive. However, the reality of downgrading carries several costly risks. Here are a few consequences to consider if you plan to drop full coverage car insurance.

The Risks of Dropping the Full Coverage on Your Car Insurance

Loss of Theft Recovery

If your car or truck is stolen, the insurance provider will not pay for a replacement. A full coverage policy includes comprehensive protection, which covers vehicle theft and vandalism. Without this feature, policyholders will be responsible for paying out of pocket.

No Weather Damage Repairs

car insuranceDropping full coverage will also eliminate protection against weather-related damage. This includes fallen tree branches, hail, ice, wind, and other natural disasters. Without the coverage, drivers may have to shell out funds for broken windshields, dented hoods, and other repairs.

Loss of Special Road Services

If you drop full coverage, you’ll also lose special road services. With full coverage, most policies provide towing and roadside assistance. Standard comprehensive plans typically allow policyholders to use rental cars while their vehicles are being repaired. Without coverage, all of these essential services go away.


Driving without full coverage car insurance carries costly risks. The standard plan provides protection against theft, natural disasters, and liabilities caused by the driver. Let the professional team at Zimmerman Insurance Agency in High Point, NC, help you secure affordable coverage for your vehicle. The state’s premier insurance broker works on your behalf to find customized protection from the nation’s leading carriers. Call (336) 883-6512 for free, no-obligation insurance quotes. Visit the website for information on the agency’s complete suite of services. You can also connect with their expert team on Facebook.

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