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The Top 5 Home Construction Improvements for a Growing Family August 27, 2018

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The Top 5 Home Construction Improvements for a Growing Family, West Plains, Missouri

When your household is expanding, you may dread the thought of moving to a larger home. The process of buying, selling, and moving can be a time-consuming hassle. However, you do have other alternatives. Able Construction, a respected home construction company in West Plains, MO, reveals some of the changes you can make to your house to avoid outgrowing it. These suggestions are all simpler, less expensive, and less disruptive to your life than moving to a new house.

5 Home Improvements You Can Make to Accommodate a Growing Family

1. Bathroom Addition

Once a family reaches a certain size, a single bathroom is insufficient. A bathroom addition speeds up morning shower and bath time and eliminates long waits to use the toilet. This single home construction addition can make your home considerably more livable and convenient.

2. Kitchen Remodel

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of activity for the entire household. A kitchen remodel could provide the space for one adult to chop and prep dinner while another tends the stove and the kids study or complete homework at the counter.

3. Bedroom Addition

As more children arrive, you may find you need additional sleeping quarters. A bedroom addition can give you the extra space you need to keep up with your growing family.

4. Three-Season Porch Installation

A three-season porch is an affordable and versatile addition to the home. In warm months, you can sit near the screened panels and enjoy a gentle breeze free of insects. In cooler seasons, you can install the storm windows and collect the warmth of sunlight. It's a terrific overflow space and a place to entertain guests.

5. Family Room Addition

A family room offers the same overflow benefit as a three-season porch does, but it provides year-round use. It's a terrific spot to read or chat with friends while the kids watch television or play video games in other rooms.

The suggestions above should help your family fit more comfortably in your house. To discuss your options with a home construction expert, contact Able Construction. They offer home repair and handyman services throughout Howell County, along with electrician services through their sister company, AfterShock Electric. Visit their website to learn more about them, or call (417) 255-3673 to speak with an experienced construction contractor.

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