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3 Common Septic Tank Problems August 14, 2018

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3 Common Septic Tank Problems, Corbin, Kentucky

A septic tank system can offer many benefits for property owners, as it provides convenient wastewater removal without connection to a municipal water system. However, when the system fails, it can lead to costly repairs and dangerous health hazards. To help you understand how to prevent such issues, the following guide highlights a few common problems and what you can do to avoid them.

The Most Common Septic Tank Problems & How to Prevent Them

1. Excess Water

Every septic tank has a maximum capacity, and if too much water is in the tank, the helpful bacteria and other components of the system won’t be able to effectively break down solid waste before it moves into the drain field. Thankfully, you can prevent this issue by maximizing your water efficiency. Switch to more efficient appliances and faucets, take quick showers, and make sure you space out water-heavy activities, such as doing laundry or using the dishwasher.

2. Foul Smells

septic tankStrong odors emitting from your drains or around the yard are typically caused by a buildup of solid waste in the tank. These odors indicate that your tank is nearly at maximum capacity, which means it requires maintenance. To avoid such foul smells, you should have your tank inspected every year. Depending on the number of people in your household, as well as your water usage, you’ll need to have the tank pumped every three to five years.

3. Backups

A sewage backup is often considered the most dangerous septic tank problem because it means your pipes and drains can no longer remove solid waste from the home. A backup usually begins in lower pipes, such as a basement bathroom, and often indicates a full tank. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to have your system pumped and cleaned regularly.


To avoid the most common septic tank problems, you’ll need the help of maintenance professionals. Thankfully, the experts at Cox’s Septic Service, based in Corbin, KY, offer the septic tank care and waste disposal services you truly need. And their team of knowledgeable professionals is happy to answer your questions and extend the life of your system. To learn more about their services, give them a call today at (606) 528-­4782, or visit them online.
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