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5 Items to Check Twice Before Buying at a Pawn Shop August 8, 2018

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5 Items to Check Twice Before Buying at a Pawn Shop, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pawn shops can be goldmines for people on the hunt for valuables, whether it’s a vintage baseball card or diamond jewelry. However, some products require a bit more scrutiny to ensure quality and functionality. If you find any of the following items, double-check their condition before taking them home.

5 Pawn Items to Examine Before Purchase

1. Vacuum Cleaners

If you come across a high-end vacuum cleaner or one that looks to be in working condition, give it a thorough examination. Check it for signs of visible damage, and ask if you can plug it in and test it out yourself.

Honolulu, HI pawn2. Computers

Most computers and laptops don’t end up in pawn shops without undergoing a thorough checkup first. A trusted seller will make sure that it works beforehand and restore it to factory conditions. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, inspect it closely for nicks, scratches, and other signs of visible damage while bearing in mind that it’s used, so signs of wear are to be expected.

3. Televisions

The beauty of purchasing electronics in a pawn shop is that you have many options, given the industry’s propensity for releasing newer, more advanced models every few months. That’s especially true of televisions, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you came across a late-model smart TV, for example, at a pawn retailer. Take into account its age since this can indicate how long it’s been used.

4. Game Consoles

Often, people will bring in their existing game consoles for fast cash to purchase the latest release, so what you find in the pawn shop may be in perfectly usable condition and just a few years old. Do some research to determine how up-to-date the system is and whether the console will work with your games. Of course, many shops also carry an extensive selection of games that you can purchase along with a new gaming system.

5. Movie Players

From DVD to Blu-ray players, there’s no shortage of movie players on the market. With the prominence of online streaming, though, they’re now less popular. You’ll probably find quite a few in a pawn shop, likely in decent shape. In many cases, people get rid of them when they make the switch to watching online. To be safe, find out how old the system is, test it if possible, and do some independent research on the brand and model. If it’s working well and has respectable reviews, you can be more confident it will last for a while.


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