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4 Georgia Plants & Flowers for Your Landscape Design August 23, 2018

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4 Georgia Plants & Flowers for Your Landscape Design, Blairsville, Georgia

If you’re planning your yard’s landscape design, it’s smart to include plants and flowers that thrive naturally in your climate. From annuals and perennials to trees and vines, there are so many beautiful and robust options that work well in Georgia lawns and gardens. Consider including hardy local plants in your landscaping.

4 Plants & Flowers for Georgia Landscape Design

1. Geraniums

One of the biggest challenges of landscaping in Georgia is finding plants and flowers that can survive the intense summers. Geraniums, however, thrive on sunlight, heat, and humidity. The Rozanne variety, in particular, features soft violet flowers that blend well in just about any landscape design concept. 

landscape design2. Swamp Hibiscus

The swamp hibiscus is yet another resilient flower choice for Georgia landscaping. From spring until the first frost, this perennial produces bright red blossoms that grow up to six inches in diameter. It grows particularly well in moist soil, such as near ponds, streams, or fountains.

3. Fragrant Tea Olive

If you’re looking for a lovely shrub that does particularly well during autumn, plant fragrant tea olives in your garden. As their name suggests, they fill the air with a sweet and pleasant perfume. They remain verdant long after other plants start to fade, and their yellow flowers offer nice pops of color. 

4. American Yellowwood 

The American yellowwood is a stunning combination of tree, vine, and flower. Its blossoms hang down in canopies that you can train to climb latticework or trellises. They are resistant to drought, stay beautiful in the summer, and continue to look lovely in the fall as their colors change from green to gold. 


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