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3 Reasons to Get Home Heating Oil This Summer August 30, 2018

Palmyra, Wayne
3 Reasons to Get Home Heating Oil This Summer, Palmyra, New York

Even though you’re not using the heat during the sweltering New York summer, it’s still crucial to keep your home heating oil tank full. This way, you’ll avoid damage to the heating system and ensure it’s ready to use when the winter comes. Below, the team at Main Energy, located in Palmyra, NY, lists three reasons to start thinking about your heat well before fall. 

Why You Should Restock Home Heating Oil This Month

1. Prevent Corrosion

August and late September often bring very humid daytime temperatures, which can affect your oil tank if it’s only partially full. If condensation is allowed to build up inside, it will corrode the metal over time. However, since home heating oil is hydrophobic, a full tank will repel condensation.

2. Ensure It’s Ready

home heating oilWhile oil delivery companies aren’t especially busy during the summer, their schedules fill up fast in the fall. This might leave you with insufficient heat if a sudden cold snap causes a spike in demand.

3. Save Money

Having a full tank at all times saves you money in a few ways. Because you’ll prevent damage to the interior of the component, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to replace it before the end of its usual lifespan. Also, oil prices fluctuate with demand, so fueling up during an off-peak time like late summer could results in significant cost savings once it does come time to turn on the heater.

If your home heating oil tank is only partially full, call Main Energy to rectify the situation right away. This family-owned business is known for reliable service, quality products, and competitive prices. They work with customers in Cayuga, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates Counties. To learn more about their company, call (315) 597-5200 or visit them online.

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