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3 Common Pieces of Excavation Equipment August 14, 2018

Dover, Dutchess
3 Common Pieces of Excavation Equipment, Dover, New York

When you’re installing a new pool, breaking ground for utility lines, or getting ready to build a house, you’ll need an excavation contractor to dig the hole, clear the land, and ensure the soil is stable enough to prevent cave-ins later. To complete these jobs, professionals use various specified equipment. Here is a simple guide to three pieces you’ll commonly find on a site that’s being excavated.

A Simple Guide to Excavation Equipment

1. Forward Loader

Depending on the size of the hole being dug, a professional might need a tool that can reach far below the ground to remove dirt. In this case, they will likely use a forward loader. This piece of machinery is similar to a tractor and has a large bucket on an arm for holding dirt. The operator will drive it between the site and over to where the soil is being deposited to make the work easier.

2. Backhoe

excavationThis is one of the better-known pieces of machinery found on an excavation site. It has a tractor body in the middle, a loader on the front, and a bucket on the back. It works much like a large, automatic shovel, scooping up dirt and depositing it into an awaiting truck or on a pile next to the backhoe to ensure the excavation work is efficient.

3. Grab

If a trench or a pit is necessary for the project, the contractor will likely dig it with a grab. This is a simple piece of machinery that consists of a two-sided bucket on the end of a crane. It picks up dirt, holds it between two buckets, and sets it aside so it can be removed later.


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