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A Guide to Commercial Keyless Entry Systems August 30, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
A Guide to Commercial Keyless Entry Systems, Fairfield, Ohio

If you’ve ever had to enter a pin number or swipe a card to enter a building or a specific room or office inside a property, then you’ve used a keyless entry system. These electronic mechanisms are popping up all over the country because they allow business owners to have more control over the security of their facility. If you are not familiar with their usefulness, the guide below will break down how they work and how your company could benefit from installing such as system.

How Does Keyless Entry Work?

keyless entry fairfield ohA keyless entry, also known as a remote keyless system (RKS) or access control system, is any lock that relies on an electronic remote control for a key. This key contains a short-range radio transmitter and is used to unlock and lock doors either by pressing a button on a handheld device, typing a code into a keypad, or swiping a card. 

While a traditional key and lock typically rely on a system of pins and tumblers that must be lined up correctly inside the cylinder to unlock a door, a keyless electronic system uses parts known as actuators. These components connect the cylinder to a small motor inside the door frame, and the motor is activated when an electronic signal is sent from the chosen key device. 

Benefits of Using a Keyless Entry System

Many businesses can benefit by implementing a keyless entry system at their facility, especially those who deal with a large number of individuals entering and leaving the property. Instead of worrying about who has keys to the operation at any given time, owners can quickly assign new entry codes or have old ones removed. This takes away the burden of having to regularly have new locks installed or new keys made.

Electronic keys can also be designated to specific areas of the property or limit when employees or visitors can access the building. Most importantly, you will always know when personnel or visitors are accessing the building and which areas they try to enter, so if security problems arise, you can quickly turn to this data for answers. 


If your business could use more reliable security measures, have a professional locksmith install a keyless entry system. For more than 20 years, Central Safe & Lock based in Fairfield, OH, has installed high-security locks including access control systems to the Greater Cincinnati and Tri-State area. Call them today at (513) 887-1870 for fast and reliable service. You can also learn more about their commercial and residential services by visiting their website

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