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It Pays to Plan Ahead: Saving Money With Preventative Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance June 12, 2015

Forked River,
It Pays to Plan Ahead: Saving Money With Preventative Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance, Forked River, New Jersey

To a degree that you may not even realize, heating and cooling a home has a massive impact on the cost of utilities. In fact, the US Department of Energy reports that 48% of all energy used in a home goes into these systems, making this the single largest home energy expense. Since the functioning of these systems has such a huge impact on utility bills, according to the residential and commercial air conditioning and heating contractors at Forked River, NJ’s ADE Heating and Cooling, preventative, regular maintenance is actually much cheaper and more cost efficient than waiting until more major repairs are needed.


So, why should you opt for regular maintenance of your heating or air conditioning system? Let’s take a quick look:

  • Efficiency: Long before a heating or cooling system malfunctions, it will start operating with significantly less efficiency. Regular maintenance identifies areas that are hampering the system’s productivity and effectiveness, ensuring that functioning remains optimal.
  • Repair Costs: As is the case with most mechanical and electrical repairs, the sooner you get them taken care of, the cheaper the eventual repairs will be. Certainly, regular maintenance—at minimum an annual “check-up”—will allow the contractor to locate problems that are starting to develop and take care of them before they escalate out of control.
  • Longevity: A properly maintained air conditioning or heating system will not only operate more efficiently, but will be usable for longer. Performing checks on the filters, ducts, fans, wires and other parts of the apparatus will dramatically increase the lifespan of the unit.


Of course, if you are in central New Jersey, no team of heating and cooling contractors provides more expert and professional servicing than the one at ADE Heating and Cooling. To find out more about this dedicated, local business, visit them online, where you can keep up with special deals, browse a number of how-to videos, and check out the company’s blog. When you’re in need of dedicated air conditioning or heating service, arrange an appointment by calling (609) 693-6050.  

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