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3 Reasons Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential August 14, 2018

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3 Reasons Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential, Walton Park, New York

Caring for your appliances is essential for maximizing performance and increasing their longevity. But, when it comes to dryer vent cleaning, the benefits extend even further. As the team at Honest & Fair Appliance Repair in Monroe, NY, explains, this service offers noteworthy benefits that make it a must for every homeowner.

Top 3 Reasons to Perform Dryer Vent Cleaning

1. Fire Prevention

Approximately 2,900 dryer fires occur in the United States each year, and many of these can be prevented by cleaning the dryer vents. As your dryer vents become clogged with debris, the risk for fire dramatically increases. As accumulated lint is repeatedly exposed to high heat, it becomes more likely to combust.

2. Protect Your Clothing

appliancesBelieve it or not, cleaning your dryer vents will help your clothing last longer. With clean vents, your dryer won’t need to run as long to efficiently dry clothing. As a result, your clothes won’t experience heat damage. This will help you save time while doing the laundry and keep your clothes from wearing out prematurely.

3. Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas furnaces aren’t the only appliances that pose a carbon monoxide risk. The same lint clogs that increase your fire danger also make it difficult for toxic carbon monoxide fumes to be vented from your home. As the fumes get trapped, those indoors are at much greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning — which can quickly become deadly. Cleaning will ensure this never endangers your family.

With routine dryer vent cleaning, you won’t just avoid unnecessary dryer repair — you’ll also enjoy safer, more efficient performance. In business since 1976, Honest & Fair Appliance Repair will use their knowledge and experience to provide expert service for appliances of any make or model so you can get quality results. To learn more about how they provide the best appliance repair standards for their customers, visit them online or call (845) 782-0460.

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