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3 Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses February 12, 2019

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses, Juneau, Alaska

Most people associate self-storage with preparing for a move or storing unneeded personal items. While those are common uses for a storage unit, they aren’t the only ones. Small businesses, in particular, can utilize storage facilities to facilitate their operations and ultimately improve productivity. Whether you run an office, restaurant, or retail store, below are a few ways you could take advantage of a storage unit.

3 Ways Your Small Business Will Benefit From Self-Storage

1. Store Unused Equipment

self-storageIf you use specialized equipment, appliances, or electronics in your line of work, but don’t use the same tools every day, rent a storage unit for the ones you use least often. It will clear up your working space, plus a climate-controlled unit will ensure any temperature-sensitive equipment stays in good working order while in storage.

2. Stow Seasonal Decorations

Do you decorate your place of business to match the season? If you run a retail outlet, for example, you might anticipate upcoming holidays with special decorations. Since you’ll only need those once a year, a self-storage unit could de-clutter your on-site storage space, giving you more room for inventory.

3. Keep Extra Materials in Good Condition

General contractors often need space for extra materials. This can be hard if you run a home-based business or have a small workshop where space is limited. If that describes your situation, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, you can free up your home or place of work while knowing your materials—especially those sensitive to humidity and temperature changes—are in good condition.


Are you interested in renting a self-storage unit for your small business? If you’re based near Juneau, AK, get in touch with Juneau Self Storage and ask about their secure gated facility. Their units range from small lockers to enormous, garage-sized spaces, and are also available with climate control. Call (907) 586-6464 for questions, or go online for rates.

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