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3 Considerations Before Purchasing a Garage Door Opener August 30, 2018

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
3 Considerations Before Purchasing a Garage Door Opener, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From power surges to physical damage, several factors can cause glitches in garage door openers. If the device is on the fritz, it becomes easy for people to hack into the operator network or pry open the garage door. Investing in a new device will prevent theft and additional problems. The following guide describes some features to consider as you shop.  

3 Desirable Functions in Modern Garage Door Openers

1. Wi-Fi Capabilities

Advancements in technology have made it possible to operate garage door openers wirelessly. Look for devices with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. When connected to your wireless network, you can open and close the door remotely. There are also devices with downloadable software that let you monitor garage door activity through your phone.     

2. Security Features

Milwaukee-Wisconsin-garage-door-openersAt night, it’s important to remain alert, as would-be intruders could lurk in the shadows while you open the garage. The garage door opener should feature lights that turn on when motion sensors are triggered. It should also include advanced encrypted wireless capabilities. The technology uses rolling codes and encryption to make it difficult for people to hijack the remote’s opening codes. If a power outage cuts the electricity, the system should have a manual release so you can still operate the door.

3. Backup Power 

From flashlights to lanterns, people’s garages store all types of equipment they may need to access during a power outage. There should be a backup power supply on the garage door opener so you can control it even when the electricity goes out. Ensure the model has a backup battery with enough wattage to supply the door with power whenever needed.


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