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3 Kitchen Items That Clog Sinks August 14, 2018

Ozark, Christian
3 Kitchen Items That Clog Sinks, Ozark, Missouri

Flushing small debris and leftovers down the kitchen drain may be convenient, and it may even seem harmless. However, further down your piping, they can cause significant clogs that require plumbing repair. There are several ingredients and cooking byproducts you shouldn’t send down your drains, and the staff at Service Today Company Inc. in Ozark, MO, want to share. By keeping your drains clear and properly disposing of food items, you’ll keep your piping healthy and avoid complications.

3 Ingredients You Shouldn’t Pour Down the Drain

1. Grease

Pouring grease down the drain is one of the most common mistakes people make. It’s easier than storing it and disposing of it in the garbage, and because it’s a liquid, it doesn’t seem like it will cause issues with your piping. However, when it’s flushed, it coats your pipe walls, eventually tightening the passage so much that water can’t pass. This creates additional clogs that can result in a burst pipe, which requires immediate plumbing repair.

2. Flour

plumbing repairPowders like flour go down the drain easily, but when they combine with water, they will cake and stick to the pipes. Further down your piping, flour will form a gel and eventually harden into a complete blockage. The water pressure trying to push it down your system causes significant strain on your pipes and can lead to damage that requires pipe replacements.

3. Rice

Rice expands when it comes into contact with water. If your system is already struggling due to pipe coatings like grease, it can get snagged and grow larger, creating an additional obstruction that other flushed debris will worsen. To avoid accidentally flushing foods like rice down the drain, always use a trap to catch any leftovers.

Sticking to a few good practices will avoid a costly plumbing repair. If you’re dealing with existing issues, however, turn to Service Today Company. Their experienced technicians have over 20 years of experience, and as a family-owned and -operated company, they understand how important reliable home systems are for a household. Whether it’s plumbing repair, HVAC maintenance, or an AC replacement, they’ll work closely with you to ensure you get lasting results from your components. Call (417) 581-0714 today if you need assistance in Ozark or Branson. You can visit their website for a breakdown of their services, and connect with them on Facebook to learn more.