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5 Ways to Make Veterinarian Visits Easier for Pets August 14, 2018

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5 Ways to Make Veterinarian Visits Easier for Pets, Waynesboro, Virginia

Regular veterinarian appointments are essential for keeping your dog or cat healthy. Even though the visits are beneficial, they may cause anxiety in your pet. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce stress and make exams easier for everyone. Explore in the list below what animal clinics recommend to calm and distract your companion. 

Strategies for Less Stressful Veterinarian Visits

1. Drive More Often 

VeterinarianDogs are usually more comfortable with cars than cats are. Most felines hardly ever ride with their owner, but canines can also begin to associate vehicles with a trip to the vet. Reduce your pet’s discomfort by driving with them more often.

Start by taking them around the block, then extend the rides to as long as it takes to get to their appointments. Go with your dog to the park or buy them a bone so they associate cars with positive experiences. Cats may respond better when they receive a treat or toy after they’re finished. 

2. Practice With the Crate 

The crate is another source of anxiety for pets. Like the car, they may not spend much time in it. To make time in the container more comfortable and familiar, place it in your family room. Fill it with a blanket and toys so your dog or cat will lie in it. With practice, your animal friend will enjoy spending time inside their transportation device.  

3. Buy the Right Supplies 

If your pet gets scared around other animals, place a blanket over their crate while they’re in the car and when they get inside the animal hospital. If your cat is exceptionally anxious, purchase a pheromone spray, then apply it to the inside of the crate. The substance may help make them calmer. If each trip is a challenge, talk to your pet care professional about anxiety-relieving medications, which can help when they have their exam. 

4. Examine Your Pet 

Carry out fake pet examinations at home. This technique will make your dog or cat more comfortable with being touched on areas like the paws and ears. Ask your friends or neighbors to hold or carry your pet for extra practice. 

5. Keep Your Appointments 

Some pet parents avoid the vet office because of the stress it causes. However, keeping your exams will help animals get used to the experience. Try each of the strategies above before you think about skipping visits. Each review of your cat or dog’s health is critical to their short- and long-term wellness. 


A quality veterinary hospital with a warm, caring staff will help make appointments easier. Woodworth Animal Hospital in Waynesboro, VA, has been awarded “Favorite Veterinary Facility” by the News Virginian, as well as “Best Pet Boarding Facility” in the Shenandoah Valley by Virginia Living magazine. To make an appointment with a compassionate veterinarian from an accolade-winning team, call their office at (540) 942-5163. For information about their hours and location, visit their website. Discover the benefits of their 78 years of experience on Facebook

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