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When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer September 20, 2018

Central Business District, Rochester
When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer, Rochester, New York

Some people shy away from hiring a personal injury lawyer when they’ve been hurt because they don't think they need legal help. However, getting an attorney on your side can protect your interests and ensure you get the damages you deserve. While some cuts and scrapes might not require legal representation, the following circumstances always warrant a call to a law firm.

Injuries Demanding a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have experienced serious injuries, always seek legal representation. The amount of damages in a claim is determined largely by how seriously hurt you were. Claims for larger sums tend to take longer to complete and will face higher pushback from insurers who don’t want to pay up, which a personal injury lawyer should handle. 

Similarly, if your injuries were so severe that they caused long-term or permanent disability, you want legal representation. Such claims are more complicated since you will have to consider issues like wages lost due to extensive time off work—and perhaps an inability to return to the same job as before in the future.

Issues With Insurance Companies

personal injury lawyerSometimes even a seemingly straightforward claim can result in resistance from the insurer who is supposed to compensate damages. If you feel an insurance company is trying to provide an unfair settlement that doesn’t meet your demands, consult an attorney—especially before signing any documents. 

Claims involving multiple insurers can also get complicated. If the person who injured you has multiple types of insurance and policies, this information can be difficult to track down. If they conceal it, the adjuster investigating the claim might not know about the other policies. A personal injury lawyer can seek affidavits from the insurance provider to make sure you are getting a fair claim.


Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates serves residents of Rochester, NY, with knowledgeable and aggressive personal injury representation. This law firm believes in accompanying clients through their legal battles every step of the way; instead of leaving unanswered voicemail messages, you’ll get the direct communication and guidance you want at any time of day. Whether you are struggling with a workers’ compensation claim or need a social security disability lawyer, they will help. Learn more about their  personal injury lawyers online. For a consultation, call (585) 232-3240.  

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