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4 Steps You Can Take to Prevent a DUI August 21, 2018

Hartford, Hartford, CT
4 Steps You Can Take to Prevent a DUI , Hartford, Connecticut

Getting pulled over for drinking and driving is one of the scariest experiences a person can go through. It can lead to criminal law charges and a subsequent DUI conviction. This has the potential to carry serious consequences that significantly impact the defendant’s personal and professional life. The best way to avoid this is to refrain from driving any time you’ve been drinking. Additionally, taking the following steps will keep you out of legal trouble.

4 Tips for Avoiding a DUI

1. Appoint a Designated Driver

If you know you will be out drinking, you should plan ahead by selecting a designated driver. It’s crucial for this to be someone you can trust to take their role seriously and remain sober. Make sure this person has a valid driver’s license and is supplied with the addresses of everyone they’re expected to take home.

2. Plan to Use Public Transportation

criminal lawIn this day and age, there is no reason not to use public transportation. Even if you aren’t near a bus stop, you can rely on taxis and ride-sharing companies to pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to go. A simple phone call or use of a smartphone app can go a long way in helping to prevent DUI-related criminal law charges.

3. Make Arrangements to Stay Somewhere

Whenever you’re heading out for a special occasion or event where you are likely to have some drinks, plan to stay overnight. Whether this means sleeping over at a friend’s house or booking a hotel room, it’s an effective solution for avoiding a DUI.

4. Call a Friend or Family Member

You may not always be prepared for a situation where you’ve been drinking. However, you can still keep yourself from facing criminal law charges by calling a friend or family member to pick you up. When it comes to your safety and freedom, a loved one should have no problem helping to ensure you don’t get behind the wheel after drinking.


In the event you are accused of a DUI, one of the first things you should do is consult an experienced criminal law attorney. Offering over 35 years of experience representing the residents of Hartford, CT, Attorney Jeremy N. Weingast of Weingast Law has handled numerous first-time, repeat, and underage drunken driving cases. He will work diligently to protect your rights while determining which defense strategy will give you the best odds of achieving a favorable outcome. Contact his office at (860) 233-1440 to review the details of your charges, or visit his website for more information on the criminal law services he provides.

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