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How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for an Anniversary August 28, 2018

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How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for an Anniversary, North Haven, Connecticut

If you have an anniversary coming up, buying flowers for your partner is a traditional way to acknowledge the milestone, and it’ll make the day fun and romantic. But how do you choose the best bouquet for the occasion? There are several possible ways to make your selection, depending on what’s most important to you.

Your Guide to Picking Anniversary Flowers

Traditional Anniversary Flowers

There are established flower choices for each anniversary depending on how long you’ve been together. The exact type of bloom sometimes varies from source to source, but a few—like carnations for a one-year anniversary, sunflowers for the third, daisies for the fifth, and roses for the fifteenth—are widely known, making them a safe choice.

Your Partner’s Favorite

FlowersOf course, if you know your partner’s favorite flower, you have the perfect choice for any occasion. Have your local flower shop create an arrangement featuring the bloom—but don’t forget to add a little variety and contrasting color to really make the bouquet look special. Alternatively, if you don’t know your partner’s favorite flower but do know their preferred color, ask for blooms in that hue.

Shared Memories

For many couples, there are certain flowers associated with their shared experiences together. For instance, if you proposed in a rose garden or vacationed together near a field of sunflowers, those specific choices can evoke happy memories with your partner. If nothing else, the types of flowers you’ve given them in the past can be the foundation of a new tradition for future bouquets.


If cost is a factor, there are a number of options for beautiful bouquets that won’t break the bank. Ask at your local flower shop to find out what’s in season at your anniversary, because those flowers will be easier to obtain and less expensive than at other times of the year. 


For advice on your anniversary bouquet, call Forget Me Not Flower Shop in North Haven, CT. With locations throughout the Greater New Haven area, they have over 40 years of expertise in flower arrangements and offer a wide selection for all occasions, including anniversaries and weddings. To place an order, call (203) 248-7589 or view their options online.

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