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What You Can Expect During a Live Bee Relocation August 7, 2019

North Hobbs, Lea
What You Can Expect During a Live Bee Relocation, North Hobbs, New Mexico

Due to a phenomenon known as "colony collapse," the world's bee population has dropped to the point that humans must be mindful of their impact on bee survival. However, that doesn't mean you have to grin and bear the fact that a bee colony has made its home nearby. Taylor's Weed & Pest Control in Hobbs, NM, offers bee relocation services throughout the region. Below, they explain what to expect from this type of humane pest control.

What to Expect During Bee Removal Service


pest controlThe pest control professional will usually start by using a smoker to calm the bees. Smoke is known to inhibit alarm pheromones that might otherwise cause guard bees to startle, and smokers have been used by beekeepers for nearly 150 years. The smoker contains a slow burning fuel such as burlap, pine needles, or rotting wood. When the fuel in the smoker is ignited, it smolders and produces smoke rather than bursting into flame due to restricted oxygen levels.


Once the bees are calm, the pest control technician will use a special bee vacuum to remove the insects from the outside of the hive. They will then remove the honeycomb in pieces and vacuum as many of the bees out as possible. The hope is to remove the queen in this manner, as it makes it easier to transfer the rest of the bees.


The vacuumed bees and the pieces of the honeycomb are placed into a mesh cage and allowed to sit for an hour or more. If the queen is present in the cage, any bees that escaped the initial vacuuming will migrate to the new hive location and go about their business. If they do not return, the pest control tech must locate the queen and place her in the cage. Once the hive has regrouped, the cage is shut and the colony is relocated someplace safer. The entire process can take eight hours or more.

Bee removal is an environmentally friendly method of pest control that requires a specialist to perform properly. For expert help, contact Taylor's Weed & Pest Control. They have been serving Lea County for more than 40 years, offering the finest weed control, termite treatment, and lawn care services available. Visit their website to connect with them online, or call (575) 492-9247 to discuss your pest problem with an experienced professional.

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