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5 Tips for Efficient Washing Machine Use September 4, 2018

Havelock, Lincoln
5 Tips for Efficient Washing Machine Use, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many homes have washing machines, but these convenient appliances can break down if they’re not properly cared for. Efficiently using your washing machine can mean the difference between doing laundry as scheduled or having to call a repairman and heading to the nearest laundromat. Apply these tips to keep your machine running at top performance.

How to Boost Your Washing Machine Efficiency

1. Use Front Loaders

There are various types of washing machines on the market. Front-loading machines are more efficient than top loaders since they use five gallons of water less per cycle, which also shortens dryer time. High-efficiency top-loading machines also save more water use than top-loading machines that require agitators.  

2. Be Smart About Your Loads

washing machinesYou should never cram your tub full of clothes because your laundry needs room to move to get clean, but you should do full loads whenever possible. Rather than doing smaller loads daily throughout the week, wash larger loads once or twice a week to use less water and energy.

3. Use The Pre-Soak Cycle

Dirty clothes need to be agitated in the machine to remove dirt and stains, and the pre-soak cycle provides extra agitation. This means your clothes get cleaner without needing an extra run through the machine.

4. Use Cold Water

Hot water settings require your hot water heater to use energy, and sanitary settings rely on your washing machine’s internal heater for function. Plus, Consumer Reports studies found that modern laundry detergent is less efficient with hot water than it is cold.

5. Keep Your Machine Clean

Once a month, sanitize your machine by filling an empty tub with hot water and a cup of bleach and running it through a full cycle. Afterward, remove and clean dispensers using bleach and water in a sink.


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