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5 Design Tips for Creating a Unique Wall Menu August 10, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
5 Design Tips for Creating a Unique Wall Menu, Brooklyn, New York

An engaging menu, posted on the wall of a restaurant of the side of a food truck, can be the best publicity for your business. While you likely know a lot food preparation and running a business, chances are graphic design isn’t your area of expertise. Whether you operate a storefront or a truck, you can design a great menu without much hassle by bearing these tips in mind.

5 Tips for Designing a Memorable Menu

1. Use Fun Names

Menu items with unique names are more appealing and may even influence what they order. If you’re stuck on what to call something, use your neighborhood as inspiration. For example, make a pun on a nearby street name or a notable figure from the area.

2. Avoid Excessive Pictures

While a menu is visual, quality is better than quantity. If you opt for food illustrations over a graphic design concept, only use recent, high quality photos that accurately (but attractively) display what you offer. You should never be misleading if you want customers to return.

3. Select Large & Readable Fonts

graphic designInteresting fonts will make your food items seem more appetizing. To ensure that the text is readable from the wall or the side of your truck, avoid overly slanted or cursive-like fonts. Don’t use small font sizes. Consult a graphic design professional who understand what fonts draw people in and which may deter them.

4. Organize & Simplify Your Menu

A long and poorly organized menu can overwhelm customers. Though you may think an abundance of choices will show there’s something for everyone, it can make it impossible to find something that will satisfy. Organize your menu by meal and size, such as breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner, and drinks. If your food cart or restaurant only serves during one or two mealtimes, it might make more sense to use categories such as sandwiches, salads, vegetarian dishes, or seafood.

5. Use Brief Descriptions

Many customers appreciate knowing the ingredients of what they order, especially if they have dietary restrictions, so you may choose to include a short description of each menu item. If you do, limit the descriptions to one or two lines so they aren’t overwhelming. Use symbols when possible (e.g. “V” for vegetarian, or chili peppers to indicate spiciness).


Need help designing a winning menu? Let DTM Signs and Truck Wraps help. Specializing in car graphic design, the Brooklyn, NY-based signage company will design an eye-catching and memorable menu for your business, and even install it. Financing is also available! For questions, get in touch today at (347) 312-5488. Photos of their past work is available online.

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