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How to Keep Your Convertible Car Top Looking Great August 10, 2018

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How to Keep Your Convertible Car Top Looking Great, Dothan, Alabama

Driving with the top down has become a classic symbol of the simple joy of the open road. Convertible car tops are made of fabric or vinyl material and require extra care to stay looking great mile after mile. The auto upholstery experts at Whitehurst Auto Trim & Upholstery in Dothan, AL, recommend consulting your owner’s manual if you are unsure of your convertible top material before starting a maintenance routine. Below, they offer some tips to keep your top pristine.

Auto Upholstery Team’s Guide to Caring for Your Convertible Car Top

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Never use chlorine bleach, citrus, or petroleum- or silicone-based products to clean your convertible top. These cleaners hasten top deterioration and decrease water resistance. Avoid using car shampoo on the top as well, as the gloss-enhancing ingredients can cause damage. Convertible tops absorb these ingredients to attract dust.

Take Care of Leaks, Small Rips, & Weak Areas Immediately

auto upholsterySchedule convertible top repair as soon as you notice a leak, rip, or sagging area. Taking care of small problems immediately prevents them from growing into larger, more costly issues. Convertible tops last between five and seven years with the right maintenance. 

Clean & Rinse Regularly

Close your convertible top completely to clean it with a non-detergent product made for either vinyl or fabric tops. Apply the solution as directed and use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub soiled areas. Rinse the top immediately with a hose to remove all remaining traces and prevent fading issues. If you have a vinyl top, only use a soft microfiber cloth to clean soil deposits.

Apply UV Protectant

Apply UV protectant on a clean, dry top according to manufacturer instructions to shield it from harmful UV rays. Use the product in your garage or on non-windy days to avoid attracting dust and dirt. Apply multiple coats based on the needs of the top material and wipe off excess product with a microfiber cloth. Follow the manufacturer instructions to determine your reapplication schedule.

Avoid Using Glass Cleaners on Plastic Windows

Clean plastic convertible top windows with cool water and a microfiber cloth. Using paper towels or glass cleaner can scratch the windows or cause premature deterioration. Glass cleaners can also create foggy spots. Plastic cleaners and protectants may be used instead to prevent fogging, yellowing, hazing, and oxidation.

Convertible top repair is just one of the many outstanding services from Whitehurst Auto Trim & Upholstery. Rely on the auto upholstery experts to keep your vehicle in great condition and provide the latest products for DIY care. Call (334) 792-6145 today to schedule an appointment or visit the auto upholstery team online for more information.

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