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5 Excellent Ways to Beat Back Pain August 10, 2018

Aiea, Ewa
5 Excellent Ways to Beat Back Pain, Ewa, Hawaii

Whether due to injury, overuse, or arthritis, back pain is a common experience among adults. In fact, the National Institutes of Health recognizes the complaint as one of the most common medical problems in the U.S. But while it may be prevalent, this discomfort doesn’t have to be endured. If you’re experiencing this issue, here are a few ways you can achieve back pain relief without the need for surgery or medication.

5 Tips for Back Pain Relief

1. Stretch & Stay Active

It’s commonly believed that a person should rest when they develop a back problem. However, the NIH says that prolonged bed rest can actually make the problem worse. Instead, with a doctor’s approval, stretching and exercising can help strengthen back muscles and keep them flexible to reduce discomfort. Keeping up with physical activity can also help you lose excess weight—a major risk factor for back pain.

2. Practice Proper Posture

back pain reliefWhen your body is held in unnatural and uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time, you may develop muscle injury, misalign your spine, or compress nerves—all potential causes of lower back pain. To prevent these issues, the NIH recommends sitting and standing in a way that supports the natural curve of the spine.

3. Use Support

If you’re dealing with back problems, doing simple activities—such as walking or lifting—can be difficult. To help keep your spine straight and reduce pressure off of the lower lumbar region, the Arthritis Foundation recommends using a back brace. These devices cinch around your abdominal region to support the lower back as you sit, stand, or engage in physical activity.

4. Minimize Stress

While stress is often considered a mental health issue, the NIH explains that it can also have a major effect on your physical health. In particular, stress and anxiety can increase muscle tension and place additional pressure on your lower back. If you’re experiencing stress, CDC recommends taking time to relax, getting enough sleep, investing in massage therapy, and eating healthy to keep tension at bay.  

5. Visit a Chiropractor

As doctors that specialize in the treatment of the musculoskeletal conditions, chiropractors are excellent resources for back pain relief. Through a comprehensive physical evaluation and postural screening, these specialists can pinpoint the source of your symptoms and offer noninvasive treatment to relieve pain. Common approaches include spinal adjustment, inversion therapy, massage, and physical therapy.


When back pain strikes, Oahu residents turn to the trusted team at Pearlridge Chiropractic Center in Aiea, HI. From nerve compression to inflammation, this local chiropractor can accurately pinpoint many common causes of chronic pain. Through a personalized treatment plan, this specialist can minimize and prevent symptoms through a variety of therapies—including physical rehabilitation and spinal adjustment. You can learn more about these noninvasive treatment options on the clinic’s website or by following the team on Facebook. To schedule an appointment and experience a holistic approach to back pain relief, call (808) 488-7751.

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