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5 Dental Care Tips for Back-to-School Season August 10, 2018

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
5 Dental Care Tips for Back-to-School Season, Homer, Alaska

With summer vacation coming to a close, many parents are making back-to-school preparations. In addition to shopping for backpacks, books, and clothes, it’s also time to revisit dental habits, stock up on fresh supplies, and see the family dentist, so your student can maintain their smile with confidence once school is in session. Here are a few steps to take before the new year. 

5 Ways to Boost Oral Hygiene Before School

1. Pick Out New Supplies

When you’re shopping for back-to-school supplies, head down the dental care aisle to pick out a new toothbrush. Younger kids, for example, may enjoy choosing a brush that matches their preferences and style. Older ones might appreciate an electric option that will make teeth cleaning easier.

2. Adjust Daily Routines

dentistDuring the summer, it’s common for kids to wake up a little later and stay up past their bedtimes. Doing so, however, can throw a child’s brushing routine out-of-order. In the weeks leading up to the first day of class, readjust your little one’s schedule, so they’ll start getting up at an appropriate time for school. Check that they maintain the habit of brushing in the morning and right before bed.

3. Get a Check-Up

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages children to have routine dental exams once every six months. If your child is due for a check-up—or getting close to it—it’s easier to schedule a dentist appointment ahead of the hectic school season.

4. Choose Healthy Snacks

Many convenient snacks, like fruit juices and candy bars, are also sugary. Avoid treats that could increase your child’s cavity risk and pack lunches that contain nutritious, tooth-friendly foods, such as apples, carrots, and cheese. If they’re eating at school, teach them which cafeteria options are best.

5. Shield Smiles During Sports

If your child is participating in school sports, ask the dentist for a custom mouthguard. The protective devices are shaped to fit each individual, and they prevent kids’ teeth from getting chipped, cracked, or knocked out during physical activities.


With the first day of school quickly approaching, now is the right time to schedule your kid’s dental appointment. Residents of Homer and Barrow, AK, turn to Preventive Dental Services PC. Equipped with the latest tools, this family dentist will evaluate your child’s dental health and provide a range of services to protect their smile. Visit the general and cosmetic dentist online to learn more about their comprehensive treatment options and call (907) 235-1286 to schedule an appointment.

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