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A Behavioral Health Guide to Summer Depression August 10, 2018

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A Behavioral Health Guide to Summer Depression, West Plains, Missouri

Seasonal depression is something many people live with during specific times of the year, and summertime is no exception. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects people around the world, and many never seek treatment. It’s important to understand the condition as well as when to seek help, and the staff at Burton Creek Rural Clinic in West Plains, MO, want to provide a breakdown on identifying symptoms, managing side effects, and overcoming this behavioral health issue.

What Is Summer Depression?

SAD occurs when unexplained fear, anxiety, and sadness are experienced when the seasons change. It can have a number of causes ranging from your proximity to the equator to a disruption in your schedule. Vacations, concerns about body image, and the temperature can all contribute, which is why it’s important to recognize triggers to determine if you’re dealing with SAD.

What Are Some Triggers?behavioral health

Triggers can be as simple as the heat. Some people dislike it so much that they begin spending every day alone inside, isolating themselves. Others may be troubled by the chaos that can come with summer—children are out of school, teens are back from college or leaving for college, vacations are costly and contain many stressful variables, and your work schedule may change. Many people place a microscope on themselves during summer as well, criticizing their weight and looks during beach season and the warm weather.

How Can I Manage It?

Managing summer depression begins with establishing order. If changes in your schedule are distressing you, organize a new schedule, and get enough sleep so that you’re on an even plane again. To maintain a sense of control, you can also start planning simple events—coffee with a friend, a date night, or an afternoon getaway are great examples. If you’re concerned about your body, start with some small exercises, which can lead to weight loss and improve mood. A behavioral health professional can be an invaluable resource as well, especially for building a personalized treatment plan to manage side effects.

If you’re in need of behavioral health services, turn to Burton Creek Rural Clinic. They offer a wide variety of mental health services, and their staff will work closely with you to ensure you overcome any complications you’re dealing with. Call (417) 256-2111 today to schedule a behavioral health exam, and visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

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