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3 Ways Ceiling Paint Can Transform a Room August 29, 2018

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3 Ways Ceiling Paint Can Transform a Room, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

When painting their interiors, most people focus on the walls. However, homeowners should never overlook the immense impact of a fresh coat of ceiling paint. Whether eggshell, sky blue, or honey, a new shade can open up the room as well as improve the ambiance. Before you enlist a painting contractor to upgrade your space, you may want to learn about how the ceiling can change your room.

What Are the Benefits of Painting the Ceiling?

1. Open Up the Room

A clean white or cream color can open up the room, which may be especially desirable in homes with lower ceilings. Light colors reflect light, sending the sun’s rays as well as artificial sources around the room. Even if your ceiling is already a variation of white, a new, glossy coat can mirror light to enhance the effect. If a room in your home feels cramped, talk to your painting contractor about brightening your ceiling.

2. Add Warmth

painting contractorA warm-toned ceiling, whether pale yellow, sand, or nutmeg, will add warmth to the room and make it feel cozy. It can also beautifully counter cool-toned walls. This is ideal for communal areas, such as living rooms, family rooms, and dining rooms.  

3. Add Contrast

White walls are popular minimalist options, allowing for endless furniture and design possibilities as well as making the room appear larger. If you choose white or neutral-toned walls, consider adding aesthetic interest with a pop of color on your ceiling. This unexpected design trend makes a bold statement without overpowering the room.


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