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3 Benefits of Jazz Dance Classes August 10, 2018

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3 Benefits of Jazz Dance Classes, Newark, Ohio

Dance is a powerful art form that can be honed over the course of a lifetime, which is why it pays to enroll kids in dance classes early. One of the most popular and important dance varieties is Jazz, which is an art style with roots in early 20th century Jazz music and movement. Here are three important benefits of jazz dance for your young dancer. 

Reasons to Try Jazz Dance Classes

1. Improve Strength & Endurance 

dance classesOne of the most important principles in jazz dance is learning to control your core, which helps dancers build their strength and prevent injuries later. Jazz dancing also incorporates jumps and turns, giving kids the chance to create new muscles. However, because jazz dancing is such a fun skill to learn, kids can develop endurance quickly without getting bored.

2. Relieve Stress

Dancing is a powerful emotional outlet, helping kids relax and unwind from the day. As your little one gets out on the dance floor and jives to their favorite music, they can let go of their worries, helping them blossom into a happier, healthier kid. 

3. Learn Important Performance Techniques

Jazz dancing can either be performed solo or in a group, making it easy for kids to master their performance skills. They can tackle common problems like stage fright and shyness, while learning how to work in a group. Furthermore, since jazz is an excellent foundational form of dance; your kids can go on to participate in other classes with the same group of kids, improving their performances in the long run. 


When your children are ready to start dance classes, enroll them in courses at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH. In addition to focusing on teaching kids the foundation of movement, this trusted dance studio also offers classes centering around tap, hip-hop, and ballet. To learn more about their program, visit their Facebook or call (740) 344-8789.