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Why You Should Get a Liberty Safe With Your Concealed Carry License September 3, 2018

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Why You Should Get a Liberty Safe With Your Concealed Carry License, Barnesville, Ohio

Getting a concealed carry license is a great idea for many reasons. When you can legally carry a concealed gun, you can protect the people you care about, defend your home, and do it in a way that gives your local law enforcement reason to trust you. But being responsible with your gun ownership requires more than just practice and licensing. Below, Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio shares how investing in a Liberty Safe can keep your gun out of the wrong hands.

4 Ways Liberty Safes Offer Protection 

1. Children

Unfortunately, there are too many stories of shooting accidents involving children who accidentally find guns. With the simple security measure of a Liberty Safe, you won’t have to worry about this sad story coming true in your home. 

2. Fire

Many gun safes are fire-proof, and the Liberty Safe is no exception. In the off chance your home is threatened by fire, you want to keep your guns, as well as important papers, and other valuables, protected. You can easily do this by investing in a fire proof handgun vault or safe.

3. Lawsuits

Liberty SafeWhile owning and carrying a gun has many benefits, it can sometimes cause severe legal issues. If you don’t have a safe, and a criminal manages to steal your gun, they may end up using it to commit a crime and involve you in the process. Lawyers often take any measure necessary to vindicate their delinquent clients, which may include blaming the original gun owner, you, for neglect. With a gun safe, you can prove your desire to uphold the law, and prevent the burglary from happening in the first place.

4. Theft

Guns are expensive, and criminals are always on the lookout for ways to illegally obtain them. Just having a gun isn’t enough to protect your home from being burglarized. Without a safe, it may actually incite the burglary. But when you keep it locked securely away, no thief will take the chance.

At Flag Floors, you can find a great selection of liberty safes that range widely in size, security, and durability. These safes come with lifetime warrantees and are made in the USA. But Flag Floors does so much more; they also install and repair carpet, tile, and countertops. For everything from your home remodeling project, to your home protection plan, they are the pros to go to. Call them today at (740) 425-3344 or visit their website to learn more.