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Top 4 Tips for Savvy Boutique Shopping August 24, 2018

Old Jamestown, St. Louis County
Top 4 Tips for Savvy Boutique Shopping, Old Jamestown, Missouri

Whether you need a wardrobe update your wardrobe or just feel that urge to shop, a boutique is a perfect place to indulge. You’ll find a wide selection of men’s and women’s fashion, and it can often be difficult to narrow down the options. Where should you even begin? The following guide will help you make smart choices.

4 Helpful Hints for Boutique Shopping

1. Consider Your Existing Wardrobe

Before running to the register with that jacket or a chunky statement necklace, picture the items already hanging in your closet. Do you already have articles of clothing and accessories that will pair well with these new additions? Ideally, you should be able to mentally put together at least three separate outfits with the new items, unless you’re shopping for a special occasion.

2. Know What’s in Style

Boutiques are the best place to shop for the latest trends. However, staying abreast of what’s stylish will give you a better idea of what fashion statements appeal to you. Check the most recent issues of fashion magazines, or read a few fashion blogs. Boutique staff members are also a valuable resource. Working in the fashion industry, they tend to not only know what’s in but what will complement each body type.

3. Don’t Rush to Decisions

boutiqueAs long as it’s not the last one on the rack, don’t feel like you need to make a purchase immediately. Take the time to think about items you’re not completely sure will work. In many cases, staff will set aside a garment in your size for 24 hours as you mull over the decision.

4. Try Something New

Some shoppers hesitate to venture outside their comfort zone, but nobody wants to get stuck in a rut. Boutiques carry a variety of unique styles to change up your look. Sales associates may even suggest items that deviate from your usual choices. After trying them on, you may discover a new “you” in these new pieces.


Shopping should be an enjoyable experience, and at Fashions R Boutique, every customer receives the royal treatment. Their team of fashion experts is happy to answer any questions, help assess your style, and offer useful tips and tricks. This Florissant, MO, boutique also gas an on-staff tailor to provide professional alterations. Contact the shop at (314) 869-0309 or view a selection of their merchandise online.

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