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5 Reasons to Repair Your Garage Door August 10, 2018

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5 Reasons to Repair Your Garage Door, Summerfield, North Carolina

A functional garage door is an important component of your property. No homeowner wants to arrive home and find the doors are stuck or broken, and keeping up with garage door repair and maintenance will ensure your system works. Here are a few reasons to stay on top of this service.

Why You Should Repair Your Garage Door

1. Function

When you notice your garage doors are warped and bowed, you will most likely have trouble operating them. Usually, you will hear your garage door opener straining to work with this incorrectly shaped overhead door. Eventually, opening and closing will become impossible, leaving you without a functional system.

2. Appeal

garage doorWarped doors look as if they’ve caved in, which lowers the appeal of your property. Wooden doors are especially susceptible to changes in temperature. Extreme heat and cold will make the wood expand and contract repeatedly, which has a negative effect on the appearance of your panels.

3. Spring Trouble

Wear and tear on springs is common with daily use. Eventually, these components will no longer hold the correct tension for the weight of the door and may even snap. You don’t want to risk damage and injury with faulty springs, so contact a technician to repair this quickly.

4. Loud Noises

Strange noises are a clear sign there is a problem with your door. Before you lose complete function, inspect the source of the noise and have the issue repaired. Besides saving yourself the headache of a bigger repair or replacement, excessive noises are disruptive and can be avoided.

5. Efficiency

A well-maintained garage door also improves your home’s energy efficiency. When doors open and close at the correct speed and seal properly, less temperature-controlled air from your home’s interior is lost. Also, a door that has been regularly serviced will not require as much energy to operate, which then keeps your utility bills down.


Serving the Triad, NC, area, Original Triad Door Company is the garage door company to call when you need service on your property. As a family-owned company, they have expert staff that offers garage door repair and maintenance. They also never hire out subcontractors, giving you peace of mind that every technician at your home is trustworthy and reliable. Their services extend to commercial overhead doors and openers, too. Call (336) 996-6547 for a free estimate, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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