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5 Benefits of Regular Car Tune-Ups August 10, 2018

North Madison, Lake
5 Benefits of Regular Car Tune-Ups, North Madison, Ohio

Your vehicle needs regular inspections to stay in great condition. Routine tune-ups provide comprehensive inspections and maintenance to maximize your car’s efficiency and identify any potential issues before they exacerbate and become costly, perhaps dangerous, problems. Tune-up processes vary according to car type and model; however, all contribute to longer vehicle life. Below are a few reasons to schedule these service appointments.

Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Routine Car Tune-Ups

1. Replacement Parts

Tune-ups typically include replacing any loose, missing, or broken engine parts, such as replacement spark plugs and distributor caps and rotors. New parts improve engine and overall vehicle performance to help your car operate as efficiently as possible, so you spend less on gas. Gaskets also get replaced if oil leaks are present.

2. Oil & Filter Changes

tune-upThick, dirty oil cannot lubricate your engine’s many working parts, resulting in premature wear and tear as well as lowered fuel efficiency. Oil changes usually include filter changes to prevent metal shards from eroding the engine. Dirty filters cannot protect engines from abrasive contaminants.

3. Ignition System Checks

Ignition systems undergo full inspections during tune-ups to ensure the ignition module is completely connected to other system parts. Corroded or broken wires can interfere with ignition system timing, resulting in increased gas consumption and power failure.

4. Fluid Level Top-Offs

In addition to changing your car’s oil, tune-ups include topping off all other fluid levels such as transmission fluid. Like your engine, the transmission requires regular fluid flushes and refills to keep its thousands of working parts in good condition. Fluid refills prevent a variety of transmission problems, including performance issues when you shift gears.

5. Increased Vehicle Value

Regular tune-ups increase the value of your car. Potential buyers always want to see detailed maintenance records because it provides reassurance that the vehicles won’t break down or experience other serious problems in the weeks and months after purchase.


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