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3 Reasons to Enlist an Expert to Polish Concrete Flooring August 28, 2018

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3 Reasons to Enlist an Expert to Polish Concrete Flooring, Arthur, North Carolina

Polished concrete flooring is a cost-effective option for commercial spaces. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean with damp mops and won’t buckle with regular use, which helps reduce maintenance and repair costs. Although polished concrete is durable, the surface can lose its luster over time. To reduce building maintenance costs, you might be tempted to have the janitorial staff polish the flooring. Below are three reasons hiring a pro pays off in the long-run. 

3 Reasons to Let Professionals Polish Your Concrete Flooring 

1. Costs

From handheld polishing machines to walk-behind edging tools,Greenville-North-Carolina-concrete-flooring a lot of equipment is required to restore the gleaming appearance of concrete flooring. Renting all the necessary gear will make project costs add up quickly. If equipment isn’t used correctly, you might also have to dip into the company coffers to pay for expensive concrete repairs. Concrete polishing pros already have the tools needed to complete the task, which is included with service rates. It’s best to hire a technician who is insured, as they will cover the cost of repairing any damages or re-doing work to ensure your satisfaction.  

2. Time Savings

If you or your employees have never attempted to polish concrete flooring, the process could take a while to complete. It’s necessary to watch online tutorial videos, read instruction manuals, and do additional research to ensure everything goes as planned. Through years of experience, professionals can apply best practices to cut down on labor time. This means you can start using floors again faster so business operations can stay on track. 

3. Quality Assurance

By hiring a professional to polish concrete flooring, you are assured high-quality results the first time around. Trained technicians know how to apply penetrating chemical hardeners, repair fillers, stain-guard coatings, and additional treatments. The coatings and sealants will strengthen floors, which will help prevent damage and extend the life of your investment.  


If you’re ready to leave concrete polishing to the professionals, the team at McCord Contractors is happy to help. A valued business in the Greenville, NC, community for over 30 years, the company is known for its coating solutions to keep flooring protected from foot traffic and the elements. Their technicians also offer tips to keep surfaces looking great between professional service calls. To schedule a concrete polishing or coating appointment in Pitt County, call (252) 321-2009. Visit them online to discover the many ways they will care for your concrete flooring.

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