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Bankruptcy-FAQ August 2, 2018

Groton, New London
Bankruptcy-FAQ, Groton, Connecticut

Is a bankruptcy expensive?

Including the Court filing fee of $335.00 in Connecticut plus credit report downloading fees of about $33.00 per person, you can usually get rid of all of your debt for under $2000.00.

Can I keep my house and car?

Yes, in Connecticut, as long as you keep making your regular payments.

Do I have to take some kind of course?

Yes, there are two courses, on before you file and one after.  You can take both for abut $10.00 each.  You can take them on line or by phone.

Do I have to bring anything to the meeting with the lawyer?

For the first appointment, no.  I will be giving you a check list of items needed to file, which include such things as your tax returns, 6 months of pay stubs, Real Estate information, car registration, list of your creditors, etc.

If you would like to enquire further, please feel free to contact Attorney Mark O. Grater in Groton, CT at 860-449-8059 or e-mail him at 

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