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Should My Child Attend a Memorial Service? August 9, 2018

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Should My Child Attend a Memorial Service?, Rochester, New York

The memorial service of a loved one can be a comforting event that provides closure after a loss. But, when it comes to children, several factors must be considered when deciding whether to bring them to funeral services. Both the needs of the child and the other attendees must be weighed when deciding. This guide explains the essential considerations you must make as a parent during this challenging time.

Your Child’s Personality & Emotions

Memorial ServiceDepending on the age of your child and their personal temperament, a memorial service may be confusing or upsetting rather than comforting. You know your child best; consider their ability to understand the proceedings as well as their closeness with the deceased and their feelings surrounding the loss. The more affected they are by the death of their loved one, and the older and more mature they are, the more likely they would benefit from attending.

The Feelings of Other Attendees

Funerals and memorial services are difficult times for all the family and friends of the deceased. Many people at the funeral will likely be crying, and other types of emotional outbursts are not uncommon. Your child may find the reactions of other attendees upsetting, which reduces the benefit of their attendance.

Your Child’s Behavior

Meanwhile, if your child is disruptive, this is also likely to upset other attendees. If your child hasn’t had practice sitting still for extended periods, or is at an age when they are likely to loudly ask awkward questions, it may be more comfortable for everyone to leave them home. However, a well-behaved or older child will more easily follow etiquette and attend without causing problems.


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