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What Veterinarians Want You to Know About Pet Dental Care August 9, 2018

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What Veterinarians Want You to Know About Pet Dental Care, Avon, New York

Pet owners want their feline friends and canine companions to live long, healthy lives. That’s why many people brush the animals to check for bumps, give them plenty of exercise, and feed them a healthy diet. According to the veterinarians at Avon Animal Hospital in Livingston County, NY, following an at-home dental hygiene routine is a crucial aspect of pet care that many owners overlook.

The Importance of Preventative Pet Dental Care 

Your pet’s teeth and gums are vulnerable to the same conditions as humans who neglect their oral hygiene. By cleaning pet’s teeth at home, you will identify fractures, tartar buildup, and additional problems that could be signs of infection or periodontal disease. Immediately addressing these problems will prevent pain and discomfort and restore the animal’s health. 

How to Maintain Your Pet’s Oral Health at Home

Avon-New-York-veterinarianBrushing your pet’s teeth a few times a week will remove food residue and plaque before it turns into tartar that infects gums and causes cavities. Never use human toothpaste on pets, because the baking soda, salts, and other ingredients they contain can make animals sick. Instead, use a toothpaste formulated for animals. It should have a meat flavor similar to their pet food. There are dog toothbrushes available to navigate the animal’s mouth and dislodge residue easily. Lift the dog’s lip and brush teeth with a gentle circular motion. Cats take a little more coaxing, so find a place where they often relax before getting started. There are also toothbrushes for cats that can reach each tooth in their small mouths. 

Why Professional Cleanings Are Still Important

Complete your pet’s oral wellness regimen with professional cleanings twice a year at your veterinarian’s office. In addition to clearing away plaque and tartar buildup, the animal care specialists will perform X-rays, examine gums and teeth thoroughly, and spot signs of infection, tumors, or other causes for concern.

If it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled a dental cleaning for your dog or cat, the veterinarians at Avon Animal Hospital provide comprehensive pet exams and wellness services to ensure animals can enjoy more years with their human companions. To learn more about treatments available at the Livingston County animal hospital, call (585) 226-6144, or visit the veterinary specialists online to schedule an appointment. Like them on Facebook for regular updates. 

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