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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Mac® or PC August 14, 2018

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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Mac® or PC, Parkville, Maryland

Whether at work, home, or on the go, many rely on their computers throughout the day. When it begins to slow without explanation, it can be frustrating, so it’s helpful to know how to perform an initial diagnosis. While it’s always best to take the machine to a computer repair professional, you can also use the tips below to get an idea of what the problem might be.

How to Troubleshoot Your Computer

1. Clean House

Sometimes, a computer is too overloaded with data to function efficiently. A full hard drive slows the machine, so go through your files and delete what you don’t need. Remove programs you no longer use and move photos, music, and other media to a couple of external hard drives. Do the same for your Internet browsers by getting rid of unnecessary extensions and clearing your cache and browsing history. If you need assistance backing up data or aren’t sure what to delete, speak with a computer repair professional.

2. Perform a Virus Scan

computer repair Viruses can come from virtually anywhere, and hackers are coming up with more inventive ways to sneak them into emails and online downloads. Antivirus software usually catches and quarantines threats, but it’s still helpful to run a comprehensive scan if you’re having computer trouble. You’ll find plenty of free antivirus and anti-malware software online, and a computer repair professional can help if you're dealing with a more serious infection.

3. Update Your Operating System

All major providers, like Windows and Apple®, regularly release operating system updates for their computers. When you fall behind on these, you begin missing crucial bug fixes, enhancements, and OS extensions that improve performance. If you neglect the task, your computer will eventually be working on a platform it doesn’t have the tools to operate on.


SysQuick provides residents and business owners in the Baltimore and Greater DC area, MD, with comprehensive computer repair services. They offer everything from PC and specialized Mac repair to cosmetic fixes. The team can also help with larger network setups to ensure you have a reliable, high-speed system at home and in the workplace. Call (443) 231-5627 today to speak with a representative and visit their website to learn more about how they can assist.

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