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3 Business Card Faux Pas to Avoid August 16, 2018

3 Business Card Faux Pas to Avoid, ,

If you’re looking to print business cards, you have endless design options to choose from. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs go overboard when they try to create an eye-catching design. To avoid printing a business card that doesn’t have a quality design and orientation, here are a few common mistakes professionals make. 

Avoid These 3 Business Card Design Blunders

1. Odd Sizes

You want to get the most value for your money. This leads some people to opt for oddly sized cards that will make them stand out, especially during networking events. While it’s true that these cards will make a good first impression, they are also more likely to be left behind if they can’t fit conveniently in a wallet or clutch. 

2. Unreadable Text

business cardsThe point of a business card is to get your contact information to as many people as possible. If the text is hard to read or illegible, the business card won’t be effective. While you want the design to make an impact, you should strive for legibility above all else. Instead of choosing an overly ornate font, call attention to the card by using bright colors or images.

3. Incorrect Information

An outdated business card will prevent potential clients from contacting you or finding you on social media. It also doesn’t look professional if you have misspellings or mistakes in formatting throughout the card, which could reflect poorly on your company. 


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