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Indulge in The Luxury of a 4-Hand Massage From Paradise Men’s Spa June 9, 2015

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Indulge in The Luxury of a 4-Hand Massage From Paradise Men’s Spa, Manhattan, New York

New York City is tough on everyone, so why not treat your body to some relaxation and revitalization? Paradise Men’s Spa is one of the few New York Spas dedicated exclusively to men: they understand what a man needs to revitalize his body. 

From specialized men’s facials to gentle manicures and pedicures, Paradise Men’s Spa will have you looking and feeling your best. For the ultimate in relaxation, Paradise Men's Spa suggests booking a 4-hand massage. The ultimate massage for the busy New York man, why go for two hands when you can have four? With two massage therapists working to relieve aches, you'll leave feeling refreshed and incredibly relaxed.

Check out a few other benefits of choosing a 4-hand massage:

  • Relieve stress: Nothing alleviates stress and tension like a massage. Now, a massage tailored specifically for men takes it a step further. 
  • Health Benefits: Massages aren’t just a luxury. Paradise Men’s Spa staff can target back and muscle pain, circulation problems and more, contributing to better overall health and wellness.
  • Time Range: You can book a 4-hand massage for either 60 or 90 minutes. 
  • Couples welcome: Make everyone happy and unwind with your partner with a couples massage. Get in some quality bonding time while also soothing your tired muscles. Friends are welcome too!

Paradise Men’s Spa offers spa treatments for the routine maintenance of the modern man. From men’s waxing and men’s facials to all-out pampering, treat yourself today! Check out the spa online for a full list of services and pricing, or call (646) 559-1621 to book an appointment.

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