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4 Hardwood Floor Sheens to Consider August 9, 2018

Honolulu, Oahu
4 Hardwood Floor Sheens to Consider, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hardwood floors offer sophistication and beauty to any room where they are installed. When you decide to include hardwood as part of your décor, you must also choose the type of sheen you want for its surface. Sheen describes how much light you’ll see reflected off the flooring and the level of shine this illumination casts. From glossy to matte, below are four options to consider for flooring in your space.

4 Hardwood Floor Sheen Options

1. Gloss

The shiniest choice for hardwood floors is gloss, which offers about a 70% luster and reflects the most light. Glossy for residential flooring isn’t a popular choice and is more seen in commercial spaces such as a gym or bowling alley. Because of the high level of shine, glossy shows more dust, dirt, dings, and footprints on flooring. This characteristic also makes maintenance more important since higher sheens display more wear and tear than other choices. Glossy floors need more regular cleaning as well as frequent sanding.

2. Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss has about a 45-55% luster, making it less reflective than glossy but still shiny. It is, however, more durable than full gloss and looks nice in sleek modern décor. Because there is still enough gloss to show dents, dirt, and traffic, a regular cleaning schedule is necessary to keep semi-gloss flooring looking good, especially if your hardwood floor is dark in color. Semi-gloss also isn’t a good choice for wire-brushed or hand-scraped surfaces since these are designed to display the wood’s exposed grain.

3. Satin

hardwood floorToday, satin is the most popular sheen choice for hardwood. With only about 40% luster, there is some shine but not an overwhelming amount. This characteristic makes it easy to clean and more practical for homes with families. It also looks newer for a longer length of time. Since illumination is subtle, imperfections and dirt are not obvious, creating a more attractive and sophisticated flooring. The finish is smooth and can be used with most classic hardwood floor colors. Although it’s not a good choice for wire-brushed choices, some hand-scraped finishes such as maple fare well with satin.

4. Matte

The least glossy of the sheens is matte. With only a maximum shine of about 25%, matte works well for areas where children and pets play or where there is a lot of foot traffic. Matte flooring doesn’t show scuffs and dirt, and maintenance is incredibly easy. Because of its low luster, matte is a top choice for rustic or casual décor and is the sheen most used for wire-brushed and hand-scraped planks.

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