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FAQ About Auto Insurance for Young Drivers August 10, 2018

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FAQ About Auto Insurance for Young Drivers, Rochester, New York

Teens and young adults tend to be high-risk drivers because of their youth and inexperience behind the wheel. As a result, it often costs more for them to buy auto insurance. If you're a young driver or a parent seeking to insure a teen, you may several questions. Below, Mazzola Insurance in Rochester, NY, answers the most common questions they receive about young driver insurance.

A Guide to High-Risk Driver Insurance

Why Is Auto Insurance So Expensive for Teens?

Because of their short driving history and a tendency to become distracted by friends and mobile devices, teen drivers account for more accidents than any other age group. Also, their collisions are more frequently catastrophic than older drivers. They are a high risk for insurers to cover, so they pay higher premiums to offset the risk.

What Kind of Cars Should Teens Drive?

Auto insuranceThe age, model, and value of the car are significant factors in the cost of auto insurance premiums for young drivers. It is usually more cost-effective for your teen to drive an older, economical vehicle with a reliable safety rating rather than buying them a brand new SUV or letting them drive your expensive luxury sedan.

Should Teens Buy Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies offer discounts to families who bundle. Thus, you may get a better deal if you add your teen to your existing policy. However, discuss the options with your agent to secure the best deal.

How Can You Reduce a Young Driver's Premium Amount?

There are numerous discounts for which you may qualify. For instance, having your teen complete a state-approved driver's safety course (or attending one yourself) could save you money. Likewise, insurance companies have found a correlation between good grades and responsible driving habits, so if your teen can demonstrate a B average or better, this could lower the premium significantly.

To find the right car insurance policy for your family’s coverage needs, contact Mazzola Insurance in Monroe County. They offer invaluable advice and work with a broad network of nationally recognized providers. Visit their website to request a fast, free quote or call (585) 266-7130 to discuss your options with an insurance agent.

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