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3 Ways Summer Heat Can Damage Asphalt Surfaces August 9, 2018

College Point, Queens
3 Ways Summer Heat Can Damage Asphalt Surfaces, Queens, New York

The sun’s rays and intense heat throughout the summer will impact your driveway and any other asphalt surfaces on your property. It’s not just about material getting hot to the touch; the heat can also cause structural damage. Here’s what you should know about what happens to asphalt throughout the summer.

How Can Summer Heat Impact Asphalt?

1. Breaks Down Surface Structures

Asphalt is dark, so it absorbs a lot of the sun’s rays. Once that energy gets into the material, it creates heat, which then breaks down the oils and other components that make up the structure. This process expands the different pieces that make up the driveway, leading to internal gaps.

2. Causes Cracks

At some point, that expansion will lead to visible cracks in the surface. This can lead to a noticeably uneven surface that is both visually disruptive and structurally unsound. Cracked surfaces are also safety hazards. If you notice any cracks, call an asphalt paving contractor to have them filled in or repaired right away.

3. Makes Your Driveway More Vulnerable to Rain

asphaltCracks make your driveway susceptible to further damage due to rain and moisture. When rain seeps into those openings, it can leave moisture that then expands into ice when the weather shifts to fall and winter. Once that occurs, the damage is present well underneath the surface, so repairing the paved area becomes more challenging.


If you need asphalt paving or repair services, call the professionals at Grey-Ruso Construction in College Point, NY. The paving contractor can work with driveways, parking lots, and other blacktop surfaces. With more than 35 years of experience, the team is made up of skilled professionals who are prepared to help you create beautiful and professionally paved surfaces on your residential or commercial property. Call (718) 358-1836 or contact the company online to schedule service.

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