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Why a Kahuku Cafe Won Best of Honolulu 2016 September 10, 2018

Kahuku, Honolulu
Why a Kahuku Cafe Won Best of Honolulu 2016, Kahuku, Hawaii

The mission of every farm-to-table cafe is to offer their guests fresh, local food and delicious, memorable meals. The Farm Café at Kahuku Farms in Hawaii took their passion for tropical fruit and community a step further when they began bottling their famous balsamic dressing. Learn more about how their North Shore ingredients and enthusiasm for delighting families helped them win a culinary award. 

Kahuku Farms’ Best of Honolulu 2016 Award for Salad Dressing 

Product History 

Inspired by the taste of local lilikoi, the farm’s family friend and chef came up with a recipe for a tangy balsamic-based dressing. At first, the mixture was offered exclusively on their in-house menu to top off their salads. Once customers tasted it, they began asking for extra dressing to take home. As the request became more frequent, the cafe team set out to bottle this special recipe. 

Dressing Characteristics 

Kahuku CafeThe star of each bottle of Kahuku Lilikoi Balsamic Dressing is the lilikoi, or passion fruit. Once combined with balsamic vinegar, it creates a vibrant citrus taste unlike any other dressing on Oahu. While it’s tasty on salads, it also makes a delicious marinade for chicken and fish.

Award Details 

Soon after development, the shelf-stable product was ready for sales. Locals and tourists began buying the dressing at the farm, online, and at community farmer’s markets. Once Honolulu Magazine readers and editors caught wind of the dressing’s popularity and were able to taste it, they crowned the dressing with the “Best of Honolulu 2016” award.

Two years after winning the “Best of Honolulu” award for best dressing, the Lilikoi Balsamic Dressing is more popular than ever. Guests can enjoy it at the Café, buy it online or at the KCC Farmer’s Market. To learn more about their local food and farm-to-table cafe, call Kahuku Farms at (808) 628-0639. You can also shop for their dressing, honey, and jelly online. Discover information about hydroponics, tropical fruit, and taking a farm tour by following them on Facebook.

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