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3 Tips Dating Services Recommend Following on a First Date August 7, 2018

3 Tips Dating Services Recommend Following on a First Date, Manhattan, New York

A first date can often feel like a choreographed dance that must be adhered to exactly. In reality, there are only a few basic rules that should be followed during this initial attempt to form a connection. If you follow these tips from a professional dating service, you’ll have a much better chance of discovering whether that person could be the one.  

What to Do on a First Date

1. Put the Phone Away

While this is polite etiquette for any social interaction, leaving your phone in your pocket or purse is especially important on a first date. You are there to get to know the other person, and it’s hard to do this if you keep checking messages and making social media updates. Instead, you should use this time to stay focused on the person you came to meet, to form a real opinion of who they are and whether you have a real connection. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Opinions on the Date Activitydating service

If you are not into something your date suggests the two of you do, it’s alright to say no. It’s hard to get to know someone if you’re frustrated about eating at a restaurant you don’t like or going to a concert that doesn’t interest you. Have opinions on what you’d like to do and share them so the two of you can reach a mutual agreement. Professional dating services actually recommend finding a hobby you’re both interested in and plan the date around that. It’ll give you something to talk about and ensure you’re both having fun.

3. Talk, but Don’t Run the Conversation

The idea of a first date is to get to know someone, but sometimes this can be difficult if one party won’t open up. When the other person asks you questions, try to form more than one-word answers to get the conversation flowing. However, once it does, don’t take all the spotlight. While discussing yourself, be sure to pepper in questions that will give your companion a chance to open up as well. 


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