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3 Reasons to Schedule Routine Drain Inspections August 8, 2018

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3 Reasons to Schedule Routine Drain Inspections, Newton, Alabama

Few repair issues are more unpleasant than sudden problems with your home’s drain and sewage system. However, routine drain inspections by a skilled plumbing contractor will prevent issues like backed-up toilets, unpleasant odors, and leaks. Preventative services are always more cost-effective than emergency repairs. Here are three more reasons drain inspection should be part of your annual home maintenance schedule. 

Why Do You Need Regular Drain Inspections?

Avoid Backups & Pipe Damage

plumbing contractorsOver time, sewage may build up in your drains, usually as the result of clogs or blockages. When this wastewater backs up into the home, the resulting mess is not only unpleasant but also a potential health hazard. Even if the sewage accumulation doesn’t reach your fixtures, it can corrode your pipework.

Prevent Mold & Odors

When food gets stuck in your kitchen drains, you will quickly notice unpleasant aromas. The same is true of mold and mildew accumulation in bathroom and laundry sinks. The plumbing contractors will clean the drains during their inspection to keep your home smelling fresh. 

Keep Pipes From Leaking & Bursting

Although pipe issues are more prevalent in cold weather, they may surprise you at other times of the year. In most cases, unanticipated pipe leaks or bursts are the result of weak joints or stubborn blockages. The plumbing contractor conducting the inspection will identify these issues before they become more serious, thereby preventing indoor flooding, property damage, and costly repairs. 


When you’re ready to schedule your annual drain inspection, call the trusted plumbing contractors at Roto Rooter. The professional drain cleaners also provide garbage disposal repair and septic system maintenance to residents of Newton, AL. Call them at (334) 692-3991 to request a service appointment and an estimate. Visit the company online to find out more about their services. 

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