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How to Get the Most Out of a Pharmacist Consultation August 7, 2018

O'Bryonville, Cincinnati
How to Get the Most Out of a Pharmacist Consultation, Cincinnati, Ohio

For some, pharmacies are just a place to fill prescriptions, buy first aid supplies, or pick up the occasional over-the-counter medicine. But did you know your local drugstore can also supplement your health care? By consulting with a pharmacist, you can address any questions or concerns you have about your medications — as well as learn important details about how to take them. Before you head to the drugstore, here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for your pharmacist consultation.

A Simple Guide to Pharmacist Consultations

Don’t Rush

While your prescription may be ready at a certain time, you may need to wait a few extra minutes for a pharmacist to become available for a consultation. The one-on-one discussion will typically take fewer than 10 minutes, but it’s a good idea to have enough time to carefully review all the information your pharmacist provides.  

Write Down Questions

Your doctor will likely have provided a brief overview of a medication when it was prescribed. However, you may still have questions about how the drugs work, how to take them, or what alternatives you may have. Whatever questions you have, write them down so you don’t forget to ask them during your pharmacist consultation.

Review Instructions

pharmacist consultationEvery medication works differently, so it’s important to be clear on the instructions your doctor provided. When collecting a prescription, ask the pharmacist to review the dosage requirements, when you should take the medication, and if there are any activities you should avoid while using the drug — such as driving, drinking alcohol, or eating certain foods. If you’ve had trouble using the medication in the past, your pharmacist may also have recommendations to simplify your treatment.

Ask About Side Effects

If you’re starting a new medication, you may end up experiencing a variety of side effects associated with the drug. Ask your pharmacist which side effects may occur and what to do if you experience them. Also, find out if the drug may interact negatively with other medications you are taking. If you’ve been troubled by side effects, your provider may also recommend an alternative treatment option.

Plan Refill Needs

Before finishing your consultation, ask your pharmacist if refills are necessary. If you will end up needing more medication, find out when to order the refill and if your doctor needs to provide another prescription before the refill date.


When you want qualified advice on your medications, talk to the specialists at Pack Pharmacy in Cincinnati, OH. Serving the O’Bryonville community for nearly 70 years, this local drugstore is known for simplifying prescription needs and providing a wide range of specialty medications. Whatever concerns you have, this team of qualified pharmacists can be trusted to answer all medication questions and provide clear instructions. To learn more about their convenient services, visit this local health clinic online. To fill a prescription or talk about a pharmacist consultation, call (513) 871-7770. You can also find them on Facebook.

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