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Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral August 7, 2018

Mount Washington, Cincinnati
Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral , Cincinnati, Ohio

Thinking about a funeral can be unpleasant. However, planning for the inevitable can give you the control and peace of mind you deserve. Alongside creating a will and designating other after-life wishes, Americans are opting to pre-plan their funerals. Take matters into your own hands when you consider these three reasons to start funeral planning today.

Why Start Funeral Planning?

Maintain Independence

Many people like to pre-plan their funerals due to the autonomy it offers. You can choose whether you’d prefer cremation or a traditional burial, who you want to invite to your funeral, and request specific charities you would like guests to donate to in your honor. When it comes to your funeral, you deserve to fine-tune the details.

Save Money

funeral planningAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of funeral services has risen steadily over the years. In fact, due to the nature of the market, the expense has risen faster than any other in the past three decades. While you can’t change the market, you can save you and your family money by funeral planning today. When you pre-plan, you lock in current rates, avoiding any costly surprises down the road. 

Lift the Burden

After you pass away, your loved ones will need time to grieve and mourn. During this challenging time, relieve some of the burden by ensuring they don’t have to deal with the details of funeral arrangements. Not only does pre-planning eliminate a sizable economic expense, but it also helps diminish stress during this emotional part of life.


If you want to pre-plan your funeral, consult Cincinnati, Ohio’s experts. The team at TP White & Sons Funeral Home offers the compassionate funeral planning services locals rely on. To learn more about how the funeral home can assist you, call a helpful professional today at (513) 231-7150. You may also learn about funeral and memorial services online.

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