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5 Tips To Prevent Corns & Calluses August 8, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
5 Tips To Prevent Corns & Calluses, Manhattan, New York

If you've ever had corns or calluses on your feet, you know how uncomfortable and unattractive they can be. These rough, unsightly skin patches are caused by too much friction against the skin. The team at Progressive Foot Care in New York, NY shares their best practices for preventing corns and calluses before they become a problem.

How to Prevent Corns & Calluses

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Poorly fitting shoes are the most common causes of corns and calluses. Get fitted for shoes every year and throw out pairs that rub or pinch. 

2. Invest in Good Socks

Thin, barely-there socks may be fashionable, but they do little to protect your feet. Thick, athletic socks provide more comfort and create a barrier between your feet and shoes. 

3. Avoid Being on Your Feet All Day

Some jobs require you to be on your feet all day. If this is your situation, take breaks throughout the day to rest your feet when possible.

4. Use a Pumice Stone

cornsPumice is a natural exfoliant that will remove dead, hard skin with a little effort. Soak your feet for a few minutes to soften the skin, then add a little lotion to a pumice stone. Go back and forth over the callus to slough the dead skin away.

5. Apply Moisturizer After Showers

Softening the skin is key to reducing corns and calluses. After showers, slather your feet with oils or lotions to keep the area hydrated. 

If these measures aren’t enough to address your corns and calluses, visit a foot doctor for a closer look. The podiatry team at Progressive Foot Care has been helping New Yorkers on their feet since 2014. The practice, located in Midtown Manhattan, treats everything from corns to severe heel and arch pain with individualized treatment plans and helpful prevention tips. Their convenient location and hours make it easy for even the busiest professionals to attend to their foot health. To make an appointment, call (212) 244-7670 or visit them online

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